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Pensione Seguso Venice

Pensione Seguso Venice - Two Star hotel Piazza San Marco in Venice


Housed in a historic building of the 16th century the district Dorsoduro / San Marco, Pensione Seguso is a convenient two-star hotel in the historic center of Venice with a great central location.

Project Goals

Having 36 guest rooms, as often happens in these cases, the purpose of the hotel of this size is to reduce operating costs, so as to be able to stay on the market, facing competition from the largest hotels in Venice and higher category.

Fisheyes and pensione seguso Venice

Having in mind the goal of reducing their operating costs, the direction of Pensione Seguso, after scouring the market, decided to rely on the professionalism of fisheyes.


A cost really affordable Fisheyes has managed to put at the disposal of this two-star budget hotel in Venice, a nine-page site with its own online booking system.


With the aim to reduce the cost of management, such as commissions payable to travel agents, tour operators and tourist guides, Pensione Seguso Venice is made to design a website with online booking system, managed by the staff of this two star hotel in Venice.