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Residence Cavanis Rome


4 Star Accommodation Sappada – Residence Cavanis Wellness & Private Spa – 15 Luxurious Apartments


The Residence Cavanis Wellness & Private Spa is a deluxe 4 star property offering 15 luxurious apartments and access to a renowned health, beauty and fitness spa at the famous Sappada ski resort in northern Italy. Residence Cavanis contacted Fisheyes to build them an official website with online booking capabilities recognising them as a market leader in providing IT solutions to the hotelier industry.

Project Goals

Residence Cavanis required an attractive Official Website that presented their property to the greatest number of prospective customers via SEO. This website was needed to be not only visually attractive, but also providing pertinent information to persuade customers of the accommodation’s high quality. Given the growth of tablet and mobile phone technology, plus the importance placed on compatibility within the major search engine algorithms, the website was also required to be responsive and in the most up to date coding format. Finally, the website was required to utilise a professional and efficient booking system that operated in real time and in a secure manner. This system was also required to allow hotel staff to easily manage incoming bookings.

Fisheyes and Residence Cavanis

In the middle of 2015, Fisheyes ascertained the exact requirements of the site and preferences of the Residence Cavanis in terms of structure and colours. From there, Fisheyes utilised its considerable skills and experienced team to design, write, translate and implement a brand new official website in order to meet the project goals.


The Residence Cavanis launched their new Official Site on schedule that offered high impact visual images, well designed layouts and colour schemes, top quality English content and a secure real time online booking system that was attractive and easy to use for both guest and hotel staff. The site was also able to handle special offers and discounts allowing Residence Cavanis to react quickly and efficiently to changing market conditions and increase resales to existing customers. The website quickly established itself with a high search engine ranking and traffic has been growing steadily ever since resulting in a massively increased revenue for the property that is still growing.


Residence Cavanis recognised the business strategic need to maximise their effectiveness online and understood that this importance demanded a market leader in the field. They chose Fisheyes due to its experience, track record and dedicated team of professionals who designed and created the website quickly and on schedule that best promoted their property. This site was also responsive and able to handle the shifting online behaviour of modern customers, and the secure online booking system implemented handled transactions and bookings efficiently and securely for the benefit of all. By utilising the system for discounts, the Residence Cavanis is now also able to create a customer base for reselling and consequently revenue has increased considerably.