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Official Website: Hotel Verona Rome

Hotel Verona Rome

Three Star Hotel - Hotel Verona Rome - 46 Rooms in the center of Rome


Towards the end of 2007, the Hotel Verona Rome’s proprietors requested that the management staff contact Fisheyes to initiate the design of a new website for this 3 star hotel located beside Basilica Santa Maria Maggiore on Via Cavour - one of Rome’s principal thoroughfares. The hotel’s fantastic location is an extremely appealing selling point making the best monuments in Rome easily accessible on foot. Count the Roman Forum, Colosseum and Piazza Venezia among the top attractions within short walking distance of the Hotel Verona Rome.

Project Goals

More than a well-designed website, it was also requested that the site be highly informative and revenue generating. To meet the first objective, Fisheyes decided to equip the website with a new layout, comprehensible and easy to use. Regarding informative content, a Useful Links page was created (with information on Rome and helpful internet addresses), a Frequently Asked Questions page (to respond to the most common curiosities of Hotel Verona Rome guests) and a Hotel Verona Rome Location page with interactive map of the city. To generate a revenue stream, Fisheyes concentrated on consolidating the indexing of the hotel in the most popular online search engines, meaning that the hotel appears higher in online search engine listings. An online booking service was added to the Hotel Verona Rome website which ensured that potential customers had the means to reserve the accommodation they desired.

Fisheyes and Hotel Verona Rome

To obtain the best indexing possible, as well as designing a new website (soon to be shown in all of the Fisheyes website portals), Fisheyes realised that the domain name of the old website still enjoyed excellent positioning in the Google search engines. It was thus agreed that the new website would retain the same domain name.


With the completion of the website, the hotel’s 46 rooms with air conditioning are being promoted online and as a result there has been a profitable increase in the number of bookings made via the internet. The Hotel Verona Rome website is fully operational and advertises this elegant and well maintained 3 star hotel beside Basilica Santa Maria Maggiore with notable results. With Hotel Verona Rome’s great sales, success is sure to continue increasing. 


Already having an excellent website in operation, the Hotel Verona Rome still wished to get in contact with Fisheyes to make use of the company’s experience to design a new site with the aim of increasing online reservations and so increasing the financial turnover of the hotel establishment.