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Hotel Tiziano Rome

Four Star Hotel - Hotel Tiziano - Rooms and Junior Suite Piazza Navona Rome


The Hotel Tiziano Rome is an elegant 4 star hotel situated on Corso Vittorio Emanuele II which is highly regarded by American and British tourists alike owing to its auspicious location in the centre of the Eternal City. Situated just behind Piazza Navona, the Hotel Tiziano Rome is a short stroll away from the shops and designer boutiques of Via del Corso and Piazza di Spagna.

Project Goals

Given its predominantly American customer base, the Hotel Tiziano Rome realised years ago that as well as maintaining its presence on popular tourism websites it was necessary to have its own website offering direct contact with its clients. With an attractive website offering better online services, such as virtual tour, photo gallery and interactive map, customers would find out more about the appealing accommodation on offer at the Hotel Tiziano in the centre of Rome. The size of the hotel market in Rome means that it is extremely important that hotels distinguish themselves online to attract visitors - and a modern website designed by Fisheyes would provide the promotional push needed.

Fisheyes and Hotel Tiziano Rome

On contacting Fisheyes and agreeing on the project’s final outcome, the 3 star Hotel Tiziano Rome management decided to design a website with Presentation page, Virtual Tour and crucially, an online reservation system. The system permits customers to check room prices and availability and then book directly with the Hotel Tiziano Rome without dealing with tour operators and travel agencies and so guaranteeing more competitive prices.


Thanks to the Online Reservation page, the Hotel Tiziano Rome can be contacted without intermediaries. Potential clients can now search for accommodation viewing rooms online, comparing prices, checking their possible dates of arrival and departure then booking directly with the 3 star hotel saving money. The hotel benefits from an efficient and effective online reservation system which can be easily updated, adding special offers or altering the displayed seasonal price changes. The system facilitates easy management of bookings and makes paperwork redundant.


Owing to the work of Fisheyes, the Hotel Tiziano Rome has been able to bring the level of services up to date and make the hotel more appealing and accessible within the American tourism market. It is expected that online bookings will increase from America and all over the globe.