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Hotel Regina Cristina Capri

Four Star Hotel Capri - Hotel Regina Cristina Capri


The Hotel Regina Cristina Capri is a charming 4 star hotel located just a few steps from the famous Piazzetta, the town square of Capri, which is in turn just a few metres from the funicular which runs from the town centre down to the harbour and the beach below. The hotel has a total of 55 spacious double rooms as well as a restaurant, bar and separate breakfast room, allowing guests 360° panoramic views of the island and surrounding sea over the course of a day.

Project Goals

The Hotel Regina Cristina’s collaboration with Fisheyes was borne out of a forward thinking approach by the hotel management which involved the relentless exploration of online marketing opportunities. Realising the potential of the internet for bringing in revenue, the Hotel Regina Cristina recognised that not only was it necessary to have the property inserted in as many portals as possible, thus increasing its online visibility, but that this marketing strategy needed to be coupled with an online booking system so that hits could be converted into customers and availability and prices could be controlled online.

Fisheyes and Hotel regina cristina Capri

Having contacted the Hotel Regina Cristina Capri through an email marketing campaign, a Fisheyes Representative travelled to the delightful Mediterranean island to meet the hotel management and get a feel for the property as well as for Capri itself, thus building a foundation of knowledge on which to base an online marketing project for Fisheyes clients on the island.


Having accepted Fisheyes’ proposals and modest commission rates, the Hotel Regina Cristina was photographed using an ordinary camera and using a Fisheye lens for special 360° Virtual Tour images. The promotional Video Tour soon followed and a fully optimised website in six languages was created. The iBooking system was of course implemented in the site, allowing users to book rooms online and allowing the hotel to manage rates, availability and special offers online too.


The end result is a fully functional, clear and easy to use website with first class aesthetic appeal in keeping with the hotel itself. The online booking system, which appears on every page, allows users to check room availability at any time; the Location page offers satellite images as well as detailed instructions on how to get from the port to the hotel; and the full multimedia experience, as described above, comes in the form of artistic photographs, 360° images and the online Video Tour.