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Hotel Re Testa - Rome

Three Star Hotel Rome, Hotel Re Testa, 36 Rooms, luxury hotel apartment rooms near Coliseum


The Hotel Re Testa, Rome, is a brand new complex of luxury rooms and apartments complete with self-catering kitchens, dining rooms, terraces and lounge areas.  Built in September 2011 in one of the most sought after areas of Rome, the Hotel Re Testa is stylish, modern and combines classical hotel concepts with modern luxury apartment type facilities.  Hotel Re Testa chose Fisheyes to be the ones to develop a complete new website that would get immediate exposure and drive guests to such a special and unique accommodation.  We designed and constructed a site that reflected the crisp, modern, forward looking ethos of Hotel Re Testa with Video Tour, high quality images and information and a sleek booking system to enable users to quickly and easily book their luxury experience.

Project Goals

To design a site that reflected the architecture and décor of the Hotel Re Testa but aimed at a target audience who can appreciate such luxury apartment facilities combined with hotel services.  To achieve high rankings to become visible to this market immediately.  Maximise the exposure to this strata of customer in an international arena.  Enable real-time offers and bookings to be made.

Fisheyes and Hotel Re Testa Rome

From the outset of our relationship, Fisheyes was excited by the concept and realisation thereof of Hotel Re Testa and feel privileged to be chosen to fulfil such an essential need after such large investment.  This trust and respect placed in us was fully reciprocated to Hotel Re Testa whose staff we found to be superlative and in partnership we produced a site that fulfilled all objectives to the delight of all concerned.


Inspired by the crisp, clear architecture and the high quality interiors of the Hotel Re, we designed a site with similar colours and crisp, clear design concepts and aimed the site at a particular more wealthy, middle aged sector of the market.  The concepts and principles we employed produced a site with a particular set of focused information, visually informative mediums including high quality images and video and a management functionality to respond immediately to the developments of the market with special offers.  Our sleek booking system then ensured this generated interest was converted to actual bookings.


Fisheyes captured the architectural and interior design character of the Hotel Re Testa and were able to target these to a particular audience with visual effects such that bookings were immediately generated from different nationalities from internet searches.