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Official Website: Hotel Papa Vista Relais Rome

Hotel Papa Vista Relais Rome

Guest House Rome - Hotel Papa Vista Relais - 20 meters from the Vatican


The Papa Vista Relais Rome is a recently opened, warm and welcoming guest house offering six rooms a short distance from the entrance of the Vatican Museums. From humble beginnings, the Papa Vista Relais Guest House has now created an excellent reputation and is very highly rated on the popular travel advice site TripAdvisor. On recommendation from other hotel proprietors, the owner contacted Fisheyes requesting the redesign of the property’s website presenting the high quality of this small gem in the hotel market of Rome.

Project Goals

Given the limited number of rooms available, it was decided that the website be designed with a system that allowed the staff ease of management of the rooms, prices, offers and reservations - allowing for the circumventing of intermediaries. Another aim of the site was to laud the beauty and spaciousness of the rooms and acclaim the excellent services of the establishment such as the elegant breakfast room.

Fisheyes and Papa Vista Relais Rome

Even though the Papa Relais Rome offers only six rooms, the attitude and approach of Fisheyes in designing the website was the same as it would be in projects designing websites for the bigger 4 and 5 star hotels that it regularly collaborates with. To augment visibility of the guest house online, it was included in many of the web portals managed by Fisheyes.


The Papa Vista Relais Rome website has been in operation for a few months now and early results indicate that the guest house is already making progress in increasing its online presence. As well as creating an elegant and attractive website, content was carefully crafted, including lots of helpful and descriptive information that offered potential guests the incentive to reserve accommodation. Booking a room is now simple via the Papa Vista Relais Rome online booking service, which provides accurate and efficient information on room specifications, availability and price as well as making room management child’s play for the guest house staff. The guest house can manage and keep track of many more reservations rapidly and efficiently.


The dimensions of the Papa Vista Relais Rome may have influenced other proprietors to manage the structure in a more traditional way, but the owners wanted to think big and contacted Fisheyes to design a website ad hoc, including an Online Reservation page, Virtual Tour page and interactive Location page with map.