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Official Website: Hotel Martelli Florence

Hotel Martelli Florence

3 Star Hotel Florence, Hotel Martelli, 53 luxurious and spacious rooms in Florence city centre


The Hotel Martelli - Florence, is a 3 star hotel in the very centre of Florence within walking distance of the Duomo and other major tourist sites.  The Hotel Martelli was recently refurbished and the character of the rooms are of a classic Florentine nature with wooden floors, luxurious fabrics and ornate classical features.  Fisheyes as asked to create a website worthy of this expensive refurbishment to present the hotel, its facilities and its great location so that greater exposure for the hotel was achieved and that this exposure was reflected in an increase in bookings.

Project Goals

To create a website that is attractive and pleasing to the eye and yet functional.  To communicate the quality of the facilities invested in through the refurbishment.  To achieve higher search engine rankings and market exposure.  To convert this increase in site visits to actual sales.

Fisheyes and Hotel Martelli Florence

In addition to it's huge depth of experience and technical expertise, Fisheyes also prides itself on the relationships we are able to form with our clients.  We always strive to initiate and substantiate a true partnership in which communication is paramount in order to create a product that meets both parties expectations.  In Hotel Martelli Florence, we found a client who also was a delight to liaise with and we are proud to be associated with their professional luxury hotel.


With the Hotel Martelli's refurbishment investment, Fisheyes was keen to transmit the ornate classical beauty of the hotel, it's spacious rooms and it's tasteful decor as strongly as possible to the site visitor.  In order to achieve this, Fisheyes therefore offer large, high resolution images so that the user can see for themselves, the quality of the hotel.  This was reinforced and extended through the provision of our professional video tour service that gives the site visitor confidence in any booking they may make.  Our specialised content writers together with our honed technical expertise were then utilised to ensure that the site was perfected for higher search engine listings.  With our specialist real time online booking system, this greater exposure and user confidence was converted to actual bookings and our service to offer a plethora of languages meant that the exposure to tourists was maximised.


Fisheyes used it's vast experience of the hotelier and tourist industries and it's abilities in multi-media and language generation to produce an extremely attractive site that now achieves top search engine rankings and the ability to convert this higher interest to actual bookings through it's online real time booking system.