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Official Website: Hotel Londra Florence

Hotel Londra Florence

Four Star Hotel Florence, Hotel Londra, 158 Rooms, next to the main train station


The Hotel Londra - Florence, is a fabulous 4 star luxury hotel stylishly decorated and furnished with amazing facilities such as a gym, swish garden, 200 seat convention centre, meeting rooms, restaurant, and much more in one of the best locations in the centre of Florence. With such great facilities and the completive nature of the hotel market, Hotel Londra asked Fisheyes to design a site that gave them a web presence and exposure fitting to their 4 star prestigious reputation.

Project Goals

To design a site that exhibited the superb facilities of Hotel Londra's luxurious accommodation.  To use the latest SEO techniques to ensure that the site gained high exposure to the tourist and business market.  To ensure that potential guests could easily and securely make online bookings in real time that integrated with the hotel's own booking processes.

Fisheyes and Hotel Londra Florence

From the very outset when the partnership between our two companies was struck, we were on friendly but professional terms.  Fisheyes prides itself on how easy our staff are to deal with and yet how efficiently and professionally we achieve results.  A big part of the success of any technological project is the ease of communication between the parties and we found the staff of Hotel Londra to be a joy to work with to achieve a highly successful result.


The final site produced offered a plethora of facilities, just like the actual hotel itself, including a plethora of information of the many hotel features, images, a high resolution photo gallery, a professional video tour and even an interactive virtual tour for the prospective guest to actual 'explore' the rooms.  Our carefully worded and honed content together with technical aspects were also part of our SEO techniques to ensure maximum market exposure.  This exposure and attractive design was then converted to actual paying guests with our state of the art real time secure online reservation system that made handling these bookings as simple as possible for the hotel.  Overall both Hotel Londra and Fisheyes were very happy with the result.


The expertise and tourist industry experience of Fisheyes allowed the partnership to be fruitful in producing a website that has been prominent among search engine results, increased market sales, conveyed an accurate favourable impression of the hotel facilities and ethos, and converted all of this into paying guests who are looking for just such an excellent hotel.