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Official Website: Hotel Corona d'Italia Florence

Hotel Corona d'Italia Florence

Hotel Corona d'Florence Italy - 80 Rooms - 3 Star Hotel Florence


The Hotel Corona d'Italia is a very large and sophisticated three-star hotel in Florence, conveniently located near the train station Santa Maria Novella, the Fortezza da Basso and the Renaissance beauties of the historic center of Florence.

Project Goals

Considering the size of this spacious three-star hotel in Florence, offering its guests a total of 80 bedrooms and one meeting room, the direction of the Hotel Corona d'Italia had the need to have a site properly cared for and equipped with an online booking system which can be operated by its staff.

Fisheyes and Hotel corona d'italia Florence

In this regard, learned that fisheyes has the exclusive right to a system of "ibooking" for our country, the management of the Hotel Corona d'Italia has seen fit to contact our staff to realize this project.


After a series of meetings in Florence, we decided to implement the project by creating the website of the Hotel Corona d'Italia. Given the elegance of the hotel, housed in a historic building of the 19th century, the site has been designed with particular attention to the graphics. In addition, protected by a program universally used by major lenders, the Online Booking System Hotel Corona d'Italia is absolutely safe and fast to use, and allows you to reserve any part of the world in real time.


Since the first meetings between the Corona d'Italia and Fisheyes, there has been a big synergy and commonality of views and purposes. All of this has recently involved a presentation video of the hotel installed directly on the site of the Hotel Corona d'Italia Florence Italy.