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Hotel Carettoni Venice

Pensione Seguso Venice - Two Star hotel Piazza San Marco in Venice


Being a stone's throw from the station of Saint Lucia, Hotel Carettoni Venice is the ideal place for those who love to travel by train and who are looking for affordable rates. The Carettoni is a cozy three-star hotel has 16 spacious rooms decorated in a classic and welcoming.

Project Goals

Since this is a small three star hotel with 16 rooms, the basic idea of ​​the property Carettoni Hotel Venice was to find a system that would allow its staff to manage directly the most bookings possible, without having to rely on customers sent by any agency or tour operator.

Fisheyes and hotel carettoni Venice

After hearing the demands of the direction of this three-star hotel in Venice, the Hotel Carettoni Fisheyes proposed to create a website with 8 pages. A simple, practical and effective way to be contacted directly by customers eager to reserve this three-star hotel in Venice.


Thanks to the booking system installed on your hotel website Carettoni Venice, the hotel has seen an increase in the number of reservations of customers "independent", ie those who reserve without the intermediation of agencies, and, as a result, has seen an increase Also its revenues.


Thanks to the collaboration with fisheyes, now began in 2006, the Hotel Carettoni Venice, in addition to having seen an increase in its revenues, received and still receives ongoing technical assistance and also an incentive to implement proactive new projects, such example, the video presentation of this three-star hotel installed on your site.