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Official Website: Hotel Atlante Star Rome

Hotel Atlante Star Rome

Four Star Hotel Rome, Hotel Atlante Star, 70 Rooms, 15 Suites near the Vatican


The Hotel Atlante Star Rome is an exceptional 4 star hotel situated a stone’s throw away from the Vatican City and St Peter’s Basilica. Fisheyes was recently entrusted with the task of making the hotel’s website more functional and elegant. An easy-to-use online booking system was added along with an excellent virtual tour, allowing users to navigate around the hotel’s immaculately designed internal areas from the comfort of their own home. Also incorporated into the website is an live webcam feature displaying beautiful views out over St Peter’s.

Project Goals

The website was completely redesigned using shades and colours which emphasised the characteristic elegance of the Hotel Atlante Star Rome. The secure online booking system offers incomparable rates and traditional promotions with the ultimate objective of increasing online bookings.

Fisheyes and Hotel Atlante Star Rome

Fisheyes has been delighted to collaborate with this 4 star hotel located close to the Vatican. Relations between the two have been optimal from the beginning with both Fisheyes and the Hotel Atlante Star sharing the same aims. It was agreed that the addition of a live webcam would increase online bookings and make the Hotel Atlante Star website far more functional and attractive to target users.


The website was redesigned to make it complement the elegance of the hotel and highlight its most appealing characteristics. Originally website content was written in three languages: Italian, Spanish, and English. Since the projects inception, content has been translated into other languages. Concurrent internet marketing tools such as high definition virtual tours and the live webcam along with multilingual browsing greatly increases the number of guests booking at the Hotel Atlante Star Rome.


Collaboration between the Hotel Atlante Star Rome and Fisheyes, via the aforementioned processes has brought advantages for both companies: high standards obtained with very low cost investment from the hotel.