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Official Website: Albergo del Sole Al Pantheon Rome

Albergo del Sole al Pantheon Rome

Four Star Hotel - Albergo del Sole Al Pantheon, 25 Rooms - Historical centre of Rome


Collaboration between Fisheyes and the 4 star Albergo del Sole al Pantheon Rome, located in front of the ancient Roman temple of the same name, began in April 2006. The hotel management decided to meet the demands of the changing tourism market by utilising new internet promotion strategies, including online virtual tours, an online booking system and an online video presenting the oldest hotel in Rome to its potential clients. View the Albergo del Sole al Pantheon video by clicking here.

Project Goals

The objective was to enhance the allure of the oldest hotel in Rome by allowing internet users to reserve elegant 4 star accommodation at the same piazza where the Pantheon has been located for hundreds of years, via the internet. Potential Albergo del Sole al Pantheon customers would be able to view the 25 rooms online and then book immediately, bypassing the middlemen such as tour operators and travel agencies and maximising profit for the hotel itself.

Fisheyes and Albergo del Sole al Pantheon Rome

The Albergo del Sole Al Pantheon, in collaboration with Fisheyes, chose English, Italian and German as the languages of choice for the descriptive content of the website. It was also decided that an video should be included, offering the possibility of a virtual visit of the hotel. Special tariffs and promotional packages are on offer to Albergo del Sole al Pantheon clients who book online through the hotel’s own website.


In less than two years the results produced have been very satisfying; there has been a constant increase in Albergo del Sole al Pantheon rooms booked online through its official website compared with rooms booked via traditional methods. The addition of a video permitting further promotion of the excellent accommodation on offer and has also produced complimentary comments.


Without a shade of doubt, the management team at the Albergo del Sole al Pantheon understood the potential of the internet in hotel promotion and responded to this powerful faculty presenting the first class accommodation on offer at this respected and popular hotel in such a way that sales could be maximised. This age-old hotel, which has provided over five centuries of consummate hospitality, has shown great acumen in exploiting the modern promotional technological tools proposed by Fisheyes.