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Over 300 videos of hotels, used on official sites, youtube and other internet portals. Plus, a downloadable version for your own mobile phone...

The average chance visitor to any website stays just a few seconds before moving on. What can you do to make them stay?

Websites today use such eye candy as high quality photographs, virtual tours and flash sliders to grab the attention of passing web surfers, but none of them compare to an attractive, fast loading and instantly engaging video stream.

Fisheyes in collaboration with our partners TimeLapse Foundation, offer the best quality hotel video available on the internet today. If a picture says a thousand words, these videos will leave you without words.

Video footage allows you to communicate long distance with potential customers, with the intimacy of a personal presentation. You can demonstrate the facilities and services offered by your hotel and give people a feel for the atmosphere both inside and out.

Nowadays, most home internet users have the capacity to watch video footage online, so what better way to advertise your hotel than to bring it live in motion, and turn lookers into bookers!

Where is it possible to view Hotel Videos?

  • On the Official Website
  • Portals on the Internet
  • iPhone
  • VOD Casting
  • DVD and Laptop
  • At Travel Fairs


"look before you book!"

Look before you book!